Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage concentrates on deeper seated, and often more long-term, chronic problems of the soft tissue (postural and bio-mechanical disturbances of the body). The treatment is generally deeper and stronger, and can create some discomfort. The result often produces longer lasting relief.

Some typical conditions that may be successfully addressed include:

  • chronic pain
  • limited mobility long-term
  • postural problems
  • muscular adhesions and chronic musculoskeletal imbalances: strains, sprains,?

Deep tissue massage has been created to help the body to return to its normal health state after injury or musculoskeletal disorder. Other benefits are that it removes

  • ?????blockages, damaged cells, scar tissue, adhesions left after injury
  • ?????speed up recovery and encourages more complete healing.


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(Michelle Corban & Associates).


I just want to say how amazing my back has been the last couple of weeks. I have stopped all exercises, just walking (with gluts, not arms!) and focussing on posture. You explained it so well and my body feels completely different. Thank you so mu...


I look forward to my regular weekly massages with Irena. Her strong hands have this magical instinct of ascertaining where those troublesome areas are located and the cause. The bonus is that Irena will give you an in-depth commentary of the issue...


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